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Counselling and Life Coaching with Julia Buckingham

Confidential counselling and life coach service
for English speakers in The Gers.

With a background in mental health, qualified counsellor and life coach Julia Buckingham provides individual talking therapy for a variety of problems and situations.

No issue is too big or too small

We can spend much time and money looking after our physical health but tend to pay little attention to our emotional needs and mental well being, yet the two are intrinsically linked. Stress can have a profound effect on both our emotional and physical state and the old saying 'Healthy mind, healthy body' still rings true.

Life throws up lots of challenges along the way and a third of us are likely to experience depression at some point in our lives. Depression, bereavement, post traumatic stress, relationship issues and anxiety are just a few of the complaints that can benefit from and be treated through counselling.

Talking through problems with family and friends can help of course, but there is nothing like an objective view from someone independent and qualified to help.
Whether you have a specific problem to resolve, a complex emotional issue or a general sense of dissatisfaction in life, counselling and life coaching could help you to find clarity, understanding and relief, as well as a way to realise your potential.

'If an individual is brave enough to begin the process and honest enough to speak their truths, the outcome can be amazing: from huge life changing break throughs, to small but subtle realisations, the effects can be profound'.


Counselling and Life Coaching with Julia Buckingham

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